Practice of Silence

11 May 2018,07:30 AM

Imagine you can’t set your phone to “silent”, and you hear the notifications of every app all the time? 
The same applies to us, humans. We need to set ourselves to the “silent” mode every now and then to experience inner calm and peace. 
What is this about?  
A call for 1 or 2 days of silence. Practice being continuously silent for as long as you can within those two days or for the whole two days on your own.
Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May 2018.
This practice helps people in general:
Feel more calm, relaxed and at ease with ourselves 
Observe the quality of thoughts that play 24/7 in our heads (+ or -?)
Learn how to control one's focus and attention to the moment.
Be more reponsive to your body and physical needs (rest, food, sleep, a particular workout, etc?) 
What’s next? 
We'll share our experiences in an open, rich meet up after the silence is over. Time and place will be shared with the participants. 
For any questions, please contact Yasmeen. 

Our Coaches

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Ahmad Awad 

يالله نجرب
10 May 2018